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Jewish Life at VCU
Based on 9 reviews
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Alana Ward
Alana Ward
18:17 24 Feb 20
Jewish life on campus has given me such a wonderful supportive community and helped me find some amazing friends as well!
Ava Koback
Ava Koback
02:31 18 Feb 20
It's a fantastic community where anyone of any level of practice, as in you've been practicing judaism since you were in diapers to just now discovering your heritage, is welcome and appreciated. I truly love everyone I hav emet through this group.
Dani Simons
Dani Simons
21:27 14 Feb 20
It’s a great community and a home away from home! Also it has amazing food for Shabbat!
Jenna Hasher
Jenna Hasher
21:21 14 Feb 20
Absolutely amazing place. I met some of my best friends here while at Shabbat. I can't say enough good things about Jewish Life at VCU. Absolutely changed my life!
Alisa Kosovsky
Alisa Kosovsky
19:48 04 Dec 19
Good vibrations all around 🙂
Julia Pasette
Julia Pasette
19:47 04 Dec 19
JewishLife at VCU is AMAZING! Everyone is so kind and welcoming, the food on Shabbos is always excellent, and there are tons of travel and Jewish educational opportunities that are available for students to take advantage of.It is a home away from home; so grateful for this organization. ❤️
Nina Dater
Nina Dater
04:59 02 Dec 19
Jewish Life at VCU has been my home away from home while attending VCU. Not only do they host a beautiful and delicious Shabbat dinner, they are also there to give me advice and teach me new things. They helped me have a great college experience!
Portnoy Johnson
Portnoy Johnson
17:37 09 Nov 18
I printed a Don't Quit poem on Menorah paper to hang on their wall for the kids or students who are especially vulnerable at holidays & after the PA shooting where Grandmas & babies were simply having a nice day. The center is cosy for the VCU students & visitor. The staff is welcoming &... creative with outreach & solidarity. Impressive. I'm so happy the kids have a place with a welcome mat always out. If you're a Jewish student, be bold & just go. A hug & smile will be your first greeting. Kol tuv.read more
Bob Truth
Bob Truth
01:20 04 Oct 17
Great Saturday service's with great food at the kiddush and hearing real inspiring words from the rabbi
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