BUILDING FRIENDSHIPS: Home-cooked Shabbat meals in a warm and welcoming environment allow students spend time with other Jewish students and also invite friends who may not be Jewish.  This helps build bridges with students from other backgrounds, combatting anti-Semitism with friendship and hospitality.

HONING LIFE SKILLS: Workshops, speakers and student led meals allow the students to build life skills while learning Jewish culture and networking for future success.

PREPARING LEADERS: The Jewish Life at VCU board allow students to take leadership roles and be directly involved in the growth of Jewish VCU and expansion of our programming.

PROVIDING A SAFE SPACE: A student lounge complete with comfy couches, games and coffee, provides students with a safe space for studying, sharing ideas and for just hanging out with their peers.

COMBATTING ANTI-SEMITISM: Having a Jewish Student Center in the heart of the VCU campus does more than anything else to combat anti-Semitism and sends a clear message to Jewish students that “You Belong!”


Jewish Life at VCU strives to provide a home away from home for every Jewish VCU student, giving them a place to connect with other Jewish students and to connect with their Jewish identity.