JVCU Passover 2021!

Passover is the holiday of freedom. We eat Matza (special unleavened flat-breads), a food which also feeds our faith and brings healing. 

This year, the Passover Seders falls out on Saturday Night (Mar 27) and Sunday Night (Mar 28), both after nightfall (approximately 8:07pm in Richmond).

This year's JVCU Passover options have expanded! 
(Downloadable resources below!)

1) Pick-up Passover Essential Seder supplies To-Go
(Perishables included, pick-up on March 25) 
Includes the Hand-Made Israeli Matza, grape juice, seder plate, and readings.

2) Small in-person Passover Seder on campus,
Saturday or Sunday night
(approximately at 8:15pm, for 1 hour)!

3) Pick up a Passover Kit earlier in the week and take it anywhere!
Use it yourself or at your family seder. 
Includes Hand-Made Israeli Matza and a holiday guide

4) Request to have a Passover Kit (same as #3) shipped out!

**The most important to thing to do, whatever your plans,
is to eat a Matza on those Saturday and Sunday nights
after nightfall!
If you attended an early seder,
eat the matza again after nightfall.

If you know of a Jewish student who needs
a place to celebrate or supplies with which to celebrate,
please share this page with them,
or email their info to info@jewishvcu.org
and someone will reach out!

Happy Passover!!

*   *   *

Supplies Limited. Form Completion Cannot Guarantee Kit. 
Please look out for emails in confirming details in the coming days.
If you are a VCU Alumni, please visit www.jewishvcu.org/alumnipassover!
* For any questions, please contact Rabbi Friedman at rabbi@jewishvcu.org


Passover Resources 

Virtual Hagadah

Beautiful, Intuitive.

With Transliteration.

1 Page Version

Short and Sweet, with all the Essentials

Inspiration and Insights

Beautiful and Insightful

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